RN programs provide students with the academic and practical knowledge they need to become RNs or registered nurses. RNs are nurses who provide general patient care and assist doctors and other medical professionals in various hospital and medical settings such as in operating rooms, clinics and intensive care facilities. Some of the primary responsibilities of an RN include: gathering patient information and maintaining that information in the patient's medical records; ensuring that medical ethics are upheld by the staff of the hospital or the medical facility at all times; and providing emotional support for patients as well as for their families.

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There are actually several types of RN programs and they include ADN or Associate Degree in Nursing programs which are also called AAS or ASN programs and BSN or Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs. Upon completing an RN program, an individual can then take the NCLEX-RN examination to become licensed as a registered nurse before practicing.

RN program graduates also have the option of continuing their education and earning higher-level degrees to become an APN or an Advanced Practice Nurse or another type of nurse who is more knowledgeable and experienced in the field of nursing.