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Forensic nursing is a specialty field that deals with the care of crime victims, collecting evidences and providing health care services in the prison system. It collectively deals with the health care and judicial system. Forensic nurses' responsibilities vary as per their specialized field. They may perform death investigations, examine victims of sexual assault, or work with criminals in prison. They can also counsel school children who have gone off-track, work in emergencies, and provide consultation services. They may also train their colleagues on how to treat injured patients.

Like other nursing specialists, a forensic nurse has completed schooling beyond an unergraduate degree. Certification programs, as well as graduate degrees, are offered to registered nurses who wish to become licensed forensic nurses. There are many more spcialization within the forensic nursing including sexual assault examiner, legal nurse consultants, forensic psychiatric nurses etc. Some of these careers require detective work from a nurse apart from medical training.

Forensic nurses' salaries diversely vary as per their roles. Forensic nurses who work as independent consultants can earn high hourly rates. However, full time employee in emergency rooms or the medical examiners' office may work in regular shifts and earn lower salaries. The salary potentia is great for certified forensic nurse (CFN) than regular nurses. A CFN also brings credibility to testimony given in court room.

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Online Certificate's Programs in Forensic Nursing

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