Nursing informatics programs basically combine nursing science courses with computer and information science courses. To take this type of nursing program, an individual should have completed at least a BSN program and in order to work in the field of nursing informatics, an individual should have a master's degree in nursing informatics or in a field that is closely related such as health informatics.

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Some of the responsibilities that individuals who have completed nursing informatics programs may have include logging data into computers and implementing the changing policies and procedures for new programs. They may also be assigned to process changes and teach new programs and applications to trainees. Unlike staff nurses and other traditional types of nurses, individuals who have taken a nursing informatics program or course are most likely to work in an office environment instead of in a medical or healthcare setting.

Upon completing a nursing informatics program, an individual is advised to become certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. To earn a Certification in Nursing Informatics, a nurse needs to have a bachelor's degree, along with two years of working as an RN or a registered nurse. He or she also needs to have already completed 2,000 hours in the field of nursing informatics during the past five years.