LPN to BSN programs offers LPNs or Licensed Practical Nurses or LVNs or Licensed Vocational Nurses the opportunity to earn a BSN or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and complete RN or Registered Nurse training in a shorter period of time compared to if they would be taking a regular BSN program and an RN program. Most LPN to BSN programs can be completed in just four academic semesters.

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California LPN to BSN Programs

Upon completion of the LPN to BSN program, graduates can then take the NCLEX-RN to become an RN or a Registered Nurse. They also have the option of enrolling into an RN to MSN program so that they can earn an MSN degree or a Master of Science Degree in Nursing, which can provide them with more work or career opportunities.

LPN to BSN Programs are offered by various educational institutions today. You can take the program at a college or university or through an online nursing school. Online nursing schools that are offering LPN to BSN programs are especially recommended for those individuals who would like to continue their studies without having to leave their current jobs or moving away from their home since classes are done over the internet.