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Demand for nurses in the country is growing every day. Career in nursing not only offers higher paying job but job security even in tough economic times. With demand, more and more students are opting to join LPN Schools. Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN requires about one year of continuing education in a vocational, technical, community, or online LPN college. A high school diploma or equivalent is minimum qualification needed to apply for LPN Programs. Also check the state accreditation of the school and program before applying.

LPN Programs

LPN program teaches students the basics of nurse's job everyday, such as preparing and handling injections, bedside care, dressing of wounds, measurements of vital etc. The students have to take computer based licensure exam approved by state at the end of each program. They need to pass It is called the National Council Licensure Exams (NCLEX-PN) in order to achieve LPN lincense and begin to work in the state.

LPN Career

Licensed practical nurses mostly employed in hospitals and urgent care facilities. They also work in public/private nursing facilities, state run medical institutions, private nursing homes and even assisted living homes. LPN's are also employed in personal nursing to provide sick or disable patients care at the privacy of their homes.

Top LPN Schools

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