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In all likely-hood if you are going to take on EMT training in Virginia you need to research the career paths that you are eligible for. Just because you are training for EMT does not mean that is the only thing you can do. Many people combine this with firefighting because it gives them better pay and they can do both jobs without having to choose between the two. That is a major advantage if you are looking to make more money when you start your career.

EMT Schools in Virginia

Very few careers offer enough pay, especially for first year people, to live on their own. If you want to make the most of your education but also make a comfortable living right out of the gate then you need to make sure that you find EMT schools in Virginia which combine EMT training and certification with other jobs as well. That way you can make more money, be better trained, and have a great career.

National College - EMT Programs

National College

National College has 1 Campus Locations in Virginia offering EMT programs.

National College - Roanoke Valley Campus - Salem, Virginia 24153

Program Name:Emergency Medical Technology
Degree Level: Diploma Program
Discipline: EMT and Paramedic

Program Name:Emergency Medical Technology - Paramedic
Degree Level: Diploma Program
Discipline: EMT and Paramedic

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