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When you sign up for EMT training in Missouri you need to make sure that the school you are attending meets the state requirements in all fields. A lot of people are shocked to learn that some institutes do not meet state requirements so even though they have the diploma for passing the training, they are not recognized as EMTís and therefore cannot get a job. It is your responsibility to research a school before you enroll in it.

EMT Schools in Missouri

The good news is once you find acceptable EMT schools in Missouri you are well on your way to finding a very solid career. Unlike other industries that are always facing budget cuts and layoffs, medicine is always looking for more people to help because it is a field only certain people can handle. It takes skill, the ability to stay calm in high tense situations, commitment and dedication in order to be an EMT and if you have that then you will enjoy a great career.

Sanford Brown College - EMT Programs

Sanford Brown College

Sanford Brown College has 1 Campus Locations in Missouri offering EMT programs.

Sanford Brown College - Fenton Campus - Fenton, Missouri 63026

Program Name:Emergency Medical Services
Degree Level: Associates Degree
Discipline: EMT and Paramedic

Program Name:Emergency Medical Services
Degree Level: Diploma Program
Discipline: EMT and Paramedic

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