AAS/ADN/ASN - RN programs are nursing programs which provide nursing students with the academic and practical knowledge they need to provide direct patient care in a hospital or in another type of medical or healthcare facility. They are often taken by those who want to become an RN or a registered nurse, since after completing an AAS/ADN/ASN - RN program, a graduate has the option of taking the NCLEX-RN so that he or she can apply for a license as an RN or a registered nurse.

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AAS/ADN/ASN - RN programs are offered by a variety of nursing schools from junior or community colleges to traditional colleges and universities that offer other types of nursing programs and degrees. A typical program would take about two or three years to complete. However, because the schools offering these programs often receive a lot of applicants, the application process is usually stringent. Most schools would prefer applicants who have a high score on their entrance exam and those who have already taken a science course.

AAS/ADN/ASN - RN programs are a good option for individuals who are looking for a faster way to become an RN and for those who are looking for a less expensive way to get the nursing education that they need to practice, since AAS/ADN/ASN - RN programs are usually much cheaper than other nursing programs and degrees.